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Sports Exposure Introduction

Jamaal Eubanks

I want to start off by saying thank you to Terrence Jackson for the opportunity to allow me to bring what I love to do to his platform. My name is Jamaal Eubanks and I love talking sports and helping student-athletes get exposure. I am a former player and coach and the My Sports Clips platform will allow me to expand my reach and do write-ups on games and stand-out performers of the game. My focus will primarily be on the Big 8 and the Dane County area. I will also at a later date be adding a recruiting service that I am retooling and a package of opportunities with a focus primarily on HBCU recruitment as it is rare that HBCUs come to Wisconsin to recruit our student-athletes. This page will offer podcasting with athletes and sports fans as well as posts that do previews, predictions, players to watch, and summaries. If you have questions or topics you want to be discussed please feel free to reach out through the app.

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