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Cant remember dominance like this

Alayna West is special! That cant be stated enough. I have seen many talented players in the Big 8 over the past couple decades players like Candas Smith, Kanani Marshall, and Misty Bass. What we are witnessing is something truly special, she is dominating on all levels. Alayna is rebounding on both ends of the floor but getting a defensive rebound and beating opponents up the floor getting layups prior to setting their defense. Scoring at all three levels, hitting 3s, hitting mid range jumpers, and an array of acrobatic finishes. Defending by getting steals and blocks while defending the opponents best offensive player. Also, getting timely assists while playing almost the entire game. The most impressive aspect of her dominance is her stamina! Watching her fly up and down the court and seem to never get tired is amazing to see.

The numbers she is putting up should have more media coverage and gain national attention. As a guard, Alayna already in this early season has multiple 40 point 20 rebound performances. I have seen her growth in leadership by encouraging her teammates when they drop their head due to a dropped pass or missed layup, then showing emotion when getting the team on a run as her traveling fan base comes to support (they feed off each other). That energy is felt in the gym and even felt on the screen if you are watching online. When she gets going, timeouts do little to slow her momentum. The way she is playing reminds me of Russell Westbrook 2016-2017 MVP season. That year he willed the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs after being counted out after the roster shake up. Alayna is a must watch player, if you get a chance to watch her in person do so, you wont be disappointed!

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