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Big 8 Starts with a Bang

November 17th was when the majority of the Big 8 started play with an impressive individual performance. None more impressive than Junior guard for Lafollette High School standout Alayna West with 36 points and 18 rebounds, this division recruit is one to keep an eye out for as I suspect she will have many nights like this.

I had front row seats for the Middleton vs Memorial, knowing Rashard Griffith since I was a kid, I wanted to see what he would do in his first game as a head coach. I also wanted to see what the Division 1 commit looked like in person, Audrey Deptula. To my surprise the show was stolen by two freshmen, Avery Blue of Memorial and Brooke Michelotti. The game was intense and fast paced with a ton of turnovers in the beginning of the game, but you couldn't help to notice the large number of foul calls

with both teams having players foul out and Memorial with 4 players fouling out. Avery finished with 20 and Brooke 21, Memorial at one point was up by 16 but in the end loss by 10 and Coach Griffith got his first win in his debut. Avery and Brooke are two freshmen to keep eyes on.


Janesville Craig 105 Lafollette 57

Middleton 65 VP Memorial 55

Madison East 74 Sun Prairie East 53

Sun Prairie West 71 Beloit Memorial 31

Verona 85 Janesville Parker 26

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